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$439 mn pledged for UN peace fund, far short of goal

UNITED NATIONS, United States, Jan. 27 : Over three dozen nations have pledged or contributed over $439 million to help secure peace in conflict-stricken states, the United Nations said Tuesday, a sum that falls far short of the hoped-for $1.5 billion. Member states met via videoconference, committing to “the importance of investing in peace,” according to a UN statement. “Including funds received for 2020, 39 Member States have contributed or pledged over $439 million for peacebuilding in support of the Fund’s 2020-2024 Strategy,” the statement said.
“The goal is to mobilize $1.5 billion over five years between 2020 and 2024,” said Marc-Andre Franche, the head of the Financing for the Peacebuilding Fund, which was created in 2006.

The fund has financed operations in 51 countries — including in the Sahel, Central Asia, Central America and the Balkans — over the last three years for a total of $356 million. In that cycle, 34 countries contributed money, but 60 percent of the total came from just Germany, Sweden and Britain, according to Franche. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that his country is looking toward contributing at least 50 million euros ($60.8 million) in the next two years. French Ambassador to the UN Nicolas de Riviere said his nation would quadruple their contribution to reach $4.5 million. (AFP)

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news2 weeks ago

शेरधन राइले चिनेकै छैन भन्दा बालिका ले ६ बर्ष देखी यौन शोशणको कुरा किन गरिन भन्दा यस्तो बबाल (भिडियो हेर्नुहोस)

Other1 week ago

श्रीमान र ५ बर्षे छोरालाई छोडेर हिडेकी सन्तोषी यस्तो अवस्थामा फेला परिन, बुझ्नै गाह्रो (भिडियो हेर्नुस्)

news2 weeks ago

यिनै हुन् दाङमा भारतीय कार भित्र मृत्यु भएका ३ जना बालक , आखिर कसरी आए ति बालक कार भित्र ? पहिलो पटक शव देख्ने ब्यक्तिले गरे यस्तो खुलाशा (भिडियो हेर्नुस)

Other3 weeks ago

यस्तो छोरो जन्माइस भन्दै तेजेन्द्रले कुटथ्यो भनेर सचिनको आमाले आरोप लाएपछी बाहिरियो अरुपनी कर्तुत (भिडियो सहित)

Other1 week ago

३ महिना देखि पार्किङ्ग गरेको कार भित्र कसरी भेटियो ३ बालकको शव ? बालकको आमाले रुँदै सुनाइन् (भिडियो हेर्नुस्)

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