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Karnali Province Chief Kalauni – Maghi festival greetings

Surkhet, Jan 14 : Karnali Province Chief Govidna Prasad Kalauni has extended best wishes on the occasion of ‘Makar Sankranti’, ‘Maghe Sakrati’ and ‘Maghi Parva’. In a message sent today, the province chief has expressed his best wishes to all province residents and entire Nepali people for their peace, happiness and good health on the occasion of Maghi festival and National Yoga Day, 2021.

“The festivals celebrated by different ethnic and geographic people in Nepal have played spectacular role in recognizing the country in the international arena. Our festivals have contributed to enhance social, cultural, ethnic and lingual diversities as well as strengthened shared national unity and identity”, the message reads.

The province chief expressed his confidence that celebration of diversities through these festivals would consolidate our national feeling and unity.(RSS)

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