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Red Cross steps up distribution of hygiene kits

Bhaktapur, Sept 26 : The Bhaktapur chapter of the Nepal Red Cross Society has started distributing hygiene kits to the coronavirus-infected persons staying at home isolation. The kits containing basic materials required for health and sanitation is being distributed to the coronavirus-contracted persons of all four municipalities of Bhaktapur district. Red Cross chapter chair Manoj Kumar Thapa shared that the kits distribution has been stepped up with transmission of coronavirus to the families of those staying at home isolation.

It includes sanitizer, mask, tooth paste and brush, soap, comb, towel and sanitary pad for the infected ones. The Red Cross has started distributing 200 kits to the doorsteps of the infected people. “Those residing at home isolation are not in a condition to go outside to buy essential goods. In addition, their entire family members are at risk of infection. In this condition, we have put a campaign to take hygiene kits carrying health and sanitation materials to their doorsteps”, Thapa added. Likewise, the Red Cross chapter has started installing children and disable-friendly hand-washing stations in different areas of four municipalities in the district. Earlier, the humanitarian organization had placed hand-washing stations in the municipalities in the first phase.

The station has a 1000-liter water tank with censored tape all around, soap and hand-washing shampoo. So far the stations have been placed at two holding centers of Bhaktapiur, Armed Police Force (APF)’s isolation, isolation of Nepal Army Birdal Brigade Suryabinayak, Madhyapur Thimi municipality’s gate, Shankhaghar Chowl in Madhyapur Thimi, Adarsha School Thimi, Public Health Office of Bhaktapur, Padya secondary school, Dudhpati, some ward offices and public venues. Likewise, the stations have also been devised at Changunarayan municipality building, Changunarayan temple Kharipati, Changunarayan secondary school, Saraswotikhel temple premises, Bageswori Thakalmoth Saraswotithan and Bhattedanda of Nagarkot. The stations are also available at health center of Suryabinayak municiplaity-1, ward 2 and 5 ward offices, Suryabinayak Chowk and Milan Chowk.
As informed, washing stations have been made available in 25 public places.(RSS)

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