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Narayani River crosses danger mark

Chitwan, Sept 24 : The water level in the Narayani river has crossed the danger mark following the incessant rain since the last three days. It is estimated that the river level will rise further as the rain continues in areas of the origin of the river. Chief hydrologist at Narayani Basin Field Office Bharatpur, Ram Bikesh Raya said the river level was at 8.08 metres at 10.30 this morning. The river level crossing more than eight metres is considered danger level. It was 10,229 cubic metres per second.

Before this, the river level was the highest on July 2. It was the highest level in 44 years. On that day the river level was measured 9.91 metres at 9 am. The water discharge in the river that time was 14 thousand 779 cubic metres per second. Prior to this, the water level in the river had reached 10.1 metres on August 5, 1974. The water discharge in the river was 15 thousand 300 cubic metres per second.

The increment of the water level in the river has its effect in Bharatpur Metropolitan City and Nawalpur areas. Metropolis chief Renu Dahal said people have been urged to adopt high alertness in areas close to the river.(RSS)

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