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One Legged Dancer Roma Neupane Shares Her Painful Story

OSNepalNews, Kathmandu, 5th Dec: Roma Neupane has gained lots of love and appreciation from people across the globe due to her one leg dance performance. Roma Neupane lost her one leg during her childhood when she meet an accident. After that accident, she was depressed and frustrated with her life. After that she didn’t saw any hope for the life. But when she learn to dance on her one leg, she got confident and started living her life with struggling as a dancer. Now she has gained lots of love and support from audience. She shares her struggle phase and gives the message of inspirational and motivational to the people who thinks after loosing their body parts get frustrated of the life. Roma Neupane is married and have a baby. She is busy on her dance performance inside Nepal as well as outside Nepal. Watch the interview right here:

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