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Bear kills sheep entering pen in Jumla

Sinja, Nov 17 : A bear has killed a herd of sheep barging into the sheep pen at Bita in Kanakasundari Rural Municipality in Jumla district on Monday night.  According to sheep owner Ratiman Rawat, the loss of sheep has been estimated at Rs 150,000. Rawat grieved that the incident on the Tihar festival had caused pain and grief as their effort, time and money invested in sheep rearing have gone in vain.

Due to the Rara National Park at the adjacent, the domestic animals are always at threat of wild animals, he opined. The beer entering human settlement and killing domesticated sheep is one such nuisance the locals were facing.
According to him, the local government had been articulating its ignorance to such issues despite the repeated appraisal of such wild animals’ attack on the livestock.(RSS)

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