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Biratnagar Metropolis rescues helpless people

Morang, Oct 16 : The Biratnagar Metropolitan City has rescued 12 helpless people from the street. They were living a life of hardship through begging.

Mayor Bhim Parajuli rescued these underprivileged persons living by begging around Purano Gudri of the Metropolis-9, as part of the campaign to rid the metropolis of street beggars.  The rescued people have been kept at the Manav Sewa Ashram located at Biratnagar-10. The Biratnagar Metropolitan City has rescued 20 such helpless people before this. The Metropolis has identified the helpless people living in the streets, including the drug users as well as their hangouts. The helpless drug users have been sent to the reform homes.

Mayor Parajuli said the campaign of rescuing the helpless people from the streets would be made more systematic and continued. The Metropolitan City has been providing Rs 2.5 million annually to the Ashram for rehabilitation of the helpless persons.(RSS)

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