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Mahakali municipality constructing isolation, quarantine facility in Chandani and Dodhara

Kanchanpur, Aug 8 : Mahakali municipality of Kanchnapur district has decided to construct two separate buildings for isolation and quarantine purpose at Dodhara and Chandani. Dodhara and Chandani settlements are located on the other side of the Mahakali River.
The recent executive meeting of the municipality decided to setup the buildings- with 20 beds for isolation and with 50 beds for quarantine . Municipality office spokesperson Dil Bahadur Sinjali informed that they were constructing isolation and quarantine building in view of the growing threat of COVID-19. “With the decision of the municipality executive, we are allocating proper budget to forward the implementation of the decision. Even the land has been managed for it.”
It is estimated that the buildings need the cost of Rs 10 million. After the government is preparing to resume the long stalled teaching learning activities at schools as they were occupied for quarantine and isolation purpose, the municipality came up with the decision for constructing the facility for the health purpose.
Earlier, thirteen schools in the municipality were occupied for quarantine and isolation. Currently, only Bhanu Multiple Campus is used for quarantine.
Sinjali further mentioned that those suspected of the coronavirus will be kept in the campus until the buildings are ready.(RSS)

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