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Nepal Academy to develop curriculum on folk bands

Kathmandu, Aug 7 : Nepal Academy of Music and Drama is all set to develop a curriculum of traditional folk bands of Nepal. In-charge of Academy’s Department of Music Ashok Rai shared a plan to develop and produce a curriculum this year to help impart theoretical and practical knowledge to the young generation on traditional folk bands.
“The curriculum would address the needs of theoretical and practical knowledge on playing Nepali folk bands such as Tungna, Sarangi, Sahanai, Madal, Chyaburang, Damfu, Dhol, Murali, Bansuri, Murchung and Binayo”, he further said.
The curriculum is targeted for students from primary to higher secondary level as well as the mass users of the folk bands, Rai explained. It is expected to contribute to produce competent folk music players, prepare an orchestra of folk music players and also generate employment opportunity in the field. (RSS)

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